Terms & Conditions

Photography Owned by Tanya Lea

The photographs and artwork appearing on this website are the sole and exclusive property of Tanya Lea and are fully protected under, without limitation, United States Federal Copyright Law. The artwork may not be copied, downloaded, transferred, digitally recorded or otherwise transferred or copied by any means whether known or unknown and any improper use of the same shall be prosecuted to the fullest extent allowable under law.

Bookings & Payment Terms

All sessions and events require a retainer fee and signed contract for date of booking. Photography deposits are based on the type of package you need. Remaining balance is due upon session date & for events (weddings) 2 weeks prior to event date.

All major credit cards accepted. Including money orders and checks.

Dishonored Checks

If your check is dishonored, we will collect the amount due by another payment method and your account will be billed a processing fee of $50.00 or the legal limit allowed by your state plus any applicable sales tax. Failure to make good on a returned check will result in the customer being placed in collections. Future orders will be placed on credit restriction until balance is satisfied in full and will only be shipped out by money order or credit card payment only.

Custom Work

All packages can be customized to meet your needs. Custom jobs are quoted and invoiced. All custom work will be quoted first. A work order contract must be signed and payment in full must be received before any work will begin.

Processing Photos

Post processing of your photo sessions takes up to 2 weeks. A courtesty sneak peek (if wanted) is typically given 4-5 days after session on my blog or Facebook page. Wedding photos turnaround time is an average to 5-6 weeks. 

Order Products / Shipment /Pick-up or Drop-Off Terms

All orders made via the store front are sent to me first. Orders are made Mondays & Fridays of the week. Any items purchased outside of the packaged price will be invoiced and payment is due up front. Print Shipping take 5-7 days. Photo products (canvas, photo books, slideshows) can have a processing and shipping time over 3 weeks depending on the product. If you are in the local area, we can also arrange a pick-up or drop-off of your finished product. This can result in shipping charge savings and decreased delivery time.